Shallowness is natural; conceit comes with education.

Yesterday was Day of Grossness, Let's Make Today Day of Niceness

Yesterday we talked about shit that grosses us out. Time for happier thoughts. What are your tactile or other sensory fetishes?

Mine is silk. I'm obsessed with the feel of silk in all its forms. I have a silkdar (that's a silk radar) that pings when I'm shopping new or thrift. When I get home I will change out of confining day clothes but keep the silk shirt on (minus bra, duh). I wear scarves a lot. It is very, very hot where I live. I'll stand in my closet thinking about random shit and running my hands over the nearest silk item. I want some silk handkerchiefs so I can just keep one in my purse. I should make that happen. I love the crisply woven silk that reflects different colors, like blue and green or pink and orange. I love the way silk ripples in the light and how colors seem to glow. I love how it runs through your hands like cool water. I love how absolutely ludicrously stereotypical these descriptors are - but they're accurate.

I especially love songket fabric, seen below.



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