Shallowness is natural; conceit comes with education.

The third iteration of my NYE plans is the best iteration...

First plan:

First we were going out of town overnight to Fun College Town Of Nostalgia And Debauchery.

Oh but that sounds fun! Bar crawling with people you got shitfaced with ten years ago, getting greasy drunk food at the dive places you miss so badly, feeling a simultaneous sense of being grown up but still tethered by love for the past.


Well, Levitas Cat's kennel would have required me to drop him off by NOON today and would be CLOSED tomorrow (Jan 1) and only reopen Thursday Jan 2 at 7am. There is no effing way in good conscience that my 24 hours out of town is worth his 48 hours in kitty jail. No Way. (And no, I can't leave him like I could in years past. He has a strict feeding schedule and he also requires escorts to the litter box at designated times, otherwise he helps himself to some expensive carpeting.)

Next plan:

Second we were going to a private party of over one hundred pirates.

Oh but that sounds fun! People you only see a few times a year when you all dress up as pirates and descend upon renaissance festival campgrounds for weekends of shameless endrunkening and strict rules about no photography after dark...this would be lovely!

Well, it's only lovely when all three members of your merry little party are desperate to go. And one member of our merry little party is somewhat still recovering from The Other Night. Seems unfair to condemn that person to the role of DD at a party full of carousing drunkards just because they're too miserable to drink. It's rather a long drive, as well.

Final Plan:

Third, we are chilling at my place to grill steaks, play Munchkin, and sit in the spa.


It's cold tonight and cold (aka spa) weather is a rarity in my neck of the woods. Must capitalize on it. I get to humor my cat's feeding and micturating needs, they get to bring their dog (who gets along with my cat) so they can use the guest room and pass out. All the pets are happy. Nobody risks driving on NYE in a major commuter metropolis and nobody has to worry about the party ending or the bars closing.

We'll grill Angus filets and roast some (salty, herby, olive oily) rosemary potatoes. I'll bake some flaky pastry Brie and we'll drink an embarrassing quantity of whiskey. We'll play Pirate Munchkin and/or continue our LOTR marathon (we're getting OLD, so it's taking a few get-togethers, alas).


Drawbacks: The spa is an extremely dehydrating mechanism. The spa and the drinking basically add an extra 12 hours to your recovery time. I KNOW THIS SO WHY DO I DO THIS? AGAIN? AND I'LL DO IT NEXT TIME THERE'S A GREAT OPPORTUNITY AS WELL.

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