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Some Observations and a Thank-You to a Stranger

Today was shitty and befrazzling and stressful. Part of that stress was from driving all around town this afternoon under a serious time crunch to get to a bank branch that was fucking open after 4pm. Fuck you, Google, and the LIES you tell me about when a lobby is open. You say "Open til 18:00," but the door on the lobby says "9-4." Fucking liar, Google. You lied to me three times. Do you know how much time and gas money you owe me? And ripped-out hair from my scalp? Fuck you. And fuck you, Bank, for your shitty, shitty hours. You must really get off on actively avoiding helping people. I'm surprised you don't close for the lunch hour as well, to really maximize your unavailability. Please don't take that as a suggestion. I was kidding. Fuck you.

So at the fourth bank branch I was able to get shit taken care of, but not before 5pm, which is when I needed to Have Shit Taken Care Of. So now I'm going to spend until 8am tomorrow morning stressing the fuck out until I know that Shit Got Taken Care Of.

On my way to the fourth bank, having calculated that the 5pm deadline was already a goner, I stopped for much needed smokes. I smoke a non-traditional tobacco, so I'm used to blank stares and having to guide the person to the right pack. "Over, to the right. No, the other right. Yes. No, stop moving right..." But the place I stopped at was staffed by someone very friendly and very pretty, and she knew what I was talking about. Somehow, her easy banter calmed me down and put a smile back on my face. Turns out she smokes the exact same thing. And she had a pretty gold headband worn like a classical Greco-Roman heroine, which I complimented her on. So thank you, beautiful stranger, for unwittingly chilling me the fuck out. I was pretty wired. Also, you're really pretty.


On to other thoughts as my dinner cooks.

I love the new gif system. I was on GT for a while before I finally capitulated to using gifs. I largely blame Sherlock for this. That damned scarf. But I like us better as verbally articulate little monkeys, Groupthink. And it's not like we don't know what gif someone is referencing in [amusing description.gif] form. I have always been more of a text than pictures person, so my bias is clearly showing here.

That being said, I probably only don't miss being able to post pics in comments simply because I am currently petless. Sometime in the next month or two I am going to get another cat, and when I do I am going to want to participate in every pet pic thread. Enthusiastically. I want a girl tuxedo and I'm going to name her George. Internet cookies for you if you can guess the inspiration for the name.

Maybe authors could decide whether or not they want to enable images on their post's comments? That seems like a nice way to protect users and keep image capabilities.


I'm drinking a Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc called Oyster Bay and it is deeeelicious. What are you doing/thinking and eating/drinking, Groupthink?

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