Shallowness is natural; conceit comes with education.
Shallowness is natural; conceit comes with education.

First of all, the ACA website is made for people who think health insurance is entirely composed of two numbers: the deductible and the monthly premium. It's insulting, disingenuous, and frustrating.

Thanks to the ACA, my current health plan is ending. So I'm shopping for a new one. Something comparable.



According to my current provider and to my own research, that's the silver tier.

Ooh, sure, look, same deductible, but a lower monthly premium.

Network blah blah...fine, services blah blah...fine.

Prescription benefits blah blah...WUT.

My medications - which have been 10 - 25 copays, are now 100. Each. The cost is staggering. (-Are you prescribed a lot of medications, Erudita? -Oh yes, a fair few. -Take a lot of pills then, do you? -Well, actually there's more to medication than just popping pills. Topicals, for example. -Oh. Well. Are they all necessary? -No, I just like supporting the pharmaceutical industry instead of my local bookshops and theaters. Of course they're bloody necessary.)


Moving up to a more expensive plan (gold) would only bring the copays down to 75. I literally cannot afford this. It's completely unsustainable. You know what was sustainable? The insurance plan I've had for the past five years. After the promise that "if you like your plan you will keep it" was downgraded to "most will get to keep their plans," I am of the percentage of the population that was excluded from "most."

I'm pissed, and I have a right - not an entitlement - to be so.

Unedited. Horrid syntax. Comments about privilege and utilitarianism are not welcome here. This post isn't a social justice debate. Going to make dinner.

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