Shallowness is natural; conceit comes with education.
Shallowness is natural; conceit comes with education.

Dear Al Jazeera America (A Love Letter)

About this time last year I wrote an angry screed about how Al Jazeera America was going to ruin my ability to watch regular Doha Al Jazeera and how AJAM would serve no useful purpose while depriving me of my most valued news source. AJAM, I was wrong. I'm sorry.


I just spent half an hour watching your Saturday evening program, TechKnow, (love the pun, dude) about a young girl scientist and about how important mentorship is in drawing women to STEM fields and getting them to stay there. The show talked about breaking stereotypes and it put its money where its mouth was - the anchor cohosted the show with two beautiful, articulate, PhD-endowed lady scientists (one black Briton, one white American) and the whole episode was just on point and sharp and inspiring.

You've consistently been more balanced than any other American news outlet in how you frame the message using language. I haven't been on the website recently, but listening to the news I notice you use active voice to describe the "police shooting of Michael Brown," rather than the "shots were fired" bullshit.


You keep reporting on Rick Perry and that just makes me giddy.

Your news hour cycles through domestic and international news without making a huge deal about what's what. It's all just News, and I love that about you.


Last year in my rant against you, I said that I had local news and American news stations already to do what you were planning on doing. Well, they've really dropped the ball (or jumped the shark, looking at you CNN), and I was wrong. It took your camera crew getting tear-gassed in a 1964 timewarp yesterday for me to realize that you are needed. Please don't go anywhere, please don't drop the ball, and please don't jump the shark.


Erudita Vanitas

AJAM fan

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