Shallowness is natural; conceit comes with education.
Shallowness is natural; conceit comes with education.


Dear fellow Gabaldon fans,

Do not watch Outlander yet. You will not be able to wait for the next episode. Save yourself this sharp pain of having tasted sweetly the first episode and hungering darkly for a second morsel of the show. The faint curiosity which you feel now, pilot unwatched - do not give in to it. Wait at least a week so that there's another episode to watch after you finish the first. I only tell you what I have learned in my journey to spare you my torment.


As you will remember, the book Outlander starts out kind of slow. The series hews faithfully to it (so far), so don't be surprised by feeling like the first ep makes you feel impatient. It's okay to feel this way, but don't worry, you get to see Jamie in this episode! And I say this as someone who doesn't like the character of Jamie - he is verra, verra pretty, ladies and gentlemen. Verra pretty indeed.

Game of Thrones fans, we have a bit of a difficulty in trying to not see Claire's 1945 husband as Edmure Tully. This is harder than I thought it would be. You're not alone here, either. Tobias Menzies is absolutely spiffing as Black Jack, though!


Friends of Groupthink, I hope you choose to listen and to wait until there are more episodes before you settle down to watch this great story. But if you choose the reckless path of pain and wanton indulgence, then let's gab about it in the comments! What did you think?? Please use a spoiler warning if applicable!


Cousin Erudita

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